White Swan

by vanessafrank

A ballet dancer looks so graceful when she dances, so elegant, and yet what she is doing requires untold strength. It is the hours of practice she puts in when no one else is looking that allows her to perform with excellence when the spotlight is upon her. For years she disciplines herself and chooses the path of pain and denial so that she can one day shine when called upon. Her beauty and her grace is the result of unyielding endurance and a deep sense of her purpose and calling.

Someone prophesied over me a while back that they saw me dancing to the music of heaven. I see now that I am a ballet dancer – subverting pain and sweat and tears into beauty and triumph. Sometimes the music is sad, sometimes the music is joyful, sometimes the music is faint, sometimes the music is loud. But one constant remains: my dedication to follow every beat and every harmony with as much sacrificial submission as I can find within me. For one day I will dance before my King, and when that glorious day comes I want to be prepared.

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