What’s The Most Important Thing You Did Last Year?

by vanessafrank

Most believers would agree that the birth of Jesus was the most important event that happened on earth (rivaled only maybe by His death). Nevertheless, when He was born only a handful of people knew what had happened. To the casual observer a baby being born wouldn’t have seemed like something that was of even local significance. Who would have ever thought at the time that this event would be of crucial consequence for all the ages to come?! However thanks to our greater perspective we now know just how misleading appearances were on that day.

Unfortunately many of us think that something cannot be a major event unless it makes the news. So we view works, events, and circumstances through our filter of what they look like today, rather than through the filter of what they might look like in the light of eternity.

The truth is that so many things that seem of vital importance to us right now will prove to be utterly insignificant when viewed from a heavenly perspective. And so many things that seem inconsequential to us at present will one day be revealed to have had eternal implications.

On this basis it is wisdom indeed to refrain from making value judgments about our works. It is wise to be diligent about every matter we turn our hand to, and to always heed the truth that the story might be so much bigger than we realize. If anything, we should be encouraged to know that even those works that presently seem mundane and futile might in fact be truly eternally monumental.

Sadly our hearts and minds so often go the opposite way. So much of our foolishness and our offense at God results from our having forgotten that His perspective is so much bigger than ours.

As such, it is vital that we cultivate an attitude of humility in our interpretation of events. When we remain circumspect about how limited our perspective is we keep ourselves from getting offended by God. By remaining in an attitude of patience and faith, and by staying dedicated to the fact that His ways are higher than our ways, we shroud ourselves in truth and we keep our hearts free from offense, even when faced with circumstances that seem cruel or bewildering.

God is searching for a people who are dedicated to seeing life through a kingdom perspective. Indeed, it is so glorious to Him when we do so, as doing so requires true faith, as we have not yet experienced the revelation of eternity.

Surely, now we see reality but through a glass darkly. But a day is coming when all truth will be revealed, and when many seemingly meaningless actions and events will be unveiled for having been truly historic.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.”

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