Let’s Talk About Sex

by vanessafrank

I was drinking a cup of tea whilst staring blankly out of the window when I felt God tell me to write an article on sex. Nonplussed, I slowly swallowed down a gulp of tea and then proceeded to tell Him He was wrong. And, as usually happens when I try giving advice to the creator of the universe, I lost the argument.

I think that discussing sex in the context of theology is almost always a challenging endeavour. This is in large part because so many believers come from backgrounds that ascribe all kinds of legalism to sex, all while utterly failing to recognise the context of scripture. So, to lay a quick foundation for such people, this article is based on the firm belief that:

1. God is a big fan of sex. If we truly believe that God created man and that God created woman then the logical conclusion is that God also created sex. And, just to rattle a few religious bones, let me put it very bluntly: God created orgasms. Certainly He could have instituted that we would procreate by a completely mundane means, but instead, because He’s a really, really good God, He planned something entirely more fun.

2. Sex isn’t just for procreation. While procreation is certainly a wonderful by product of sex, there are all kinds of other great reasons for engaging in sex, such as fun, enjoyment, connection, intimacy, and comfort. (There are numerous verses that indicate this, but I won’t dive into that right now because it’s somewhat outside of the scope of this article.)

3. Moral boundaries are of the Lord, but undue inhibition isn’t. If you doubt this, read the Song of Songs. This holy book describes in detail (all within the context of a monogamous marital relationship) stripping, erotic dancing, oral sex, and foreplay. Yes, they’re ALL in the book.

(This actually reminds me of the time that a friend who had just started following Christ told me she thought she had a faulty bible because she’d discovered all this raunchy stuff in the Song of Songs. I found it somewhat funny but also somewhat sad that I actually had to explain to her that God’s word declares Him to be a huge fan of enjoyable marital sex.)

So, that foundation laid, I feel that the topic of this article is to be a discussion of sex as an act of prophecy and spiritual warfare. (Yep, bet you’ve never seen that in Cosmo before!)

It seems to me that the first step towards understanding why sex is (amongst other things) designed to be a prophetic act is to start by defining what a prophetic act is, and what the function of a prophetic act is.

In my mind there are few words that explain this more aptly than Ed Silvoso’s in the epic manifesto “Prayer Evangelism”. He starts by explaining that prophecy is simply a symbolic act designed to denounce a specific spiritual lie and/or to announce a spiritual truth:

“The primary intent of a lie is always to exert some form of control over the person being lied to. The truth is always more powerful than lies; but those who believe a lie come, within the scope of the lie, under the control of the liar.

When even a small group, made up of people affected by such lies, performs a prophetic act that exemplifies and declares the opposite of what a particular lie proclaims, then a circle of truth is painted around the devil, thereby exposing his scheme for all to see, for he cannot stand in truth.

Prophetic acts are powerful because they express on earth what God has already decreed in heaven.

When we read that the devil is a liar, we assume that he lies to us but not to his minions. If the devil were to speak the truth to his demons, he would have to disclose certain unpleasant facts about the end of time – facts concerning the lake of fire, their eternal demise and satan’s utter defeat. If he were to let them in on news of their fate, it is safe to assume that his troops would not fight for him so intensely.

To be successful, a liar must conceal the fact that he is a liar, otherwise no one will believe his lies. The devil avoids truth so his cover will not be blown. A prophetic act does exactly that, altering and eventually exposing, through the insertion of truth, the devil’s carefully orchestrated cover of intertwined lies.

Spiritual truth can never remain dormant; it has to be declared. And when it is, the truth challenges and eventually changes that which opposes it. As a result, what was thought to be impossible (through satan’s lie) now becomes possible (through Jesus’ truth) – not just in that time and place but beyond. Like ripples in a pond, the spoken truth moves outward in ever-expanding circles set by the initial prophetic act.

When we punch a hole in the darkness, at first light just filters through the hole. But the light keeps on spreading, until the once-impenetrable mantle of blackness eventually dissipates.”

From this we learn that a prophetic act is simply any kind of symbolic act that denounces a specific spiritual lie and/or announces a spiritual truth. The purpose of such an act is to make truth known at a spiritual level.

So how is sex a prophetic act?

We read in scripture that the relationship between man and wife is an illustration of the relationship between Christ and the church. In fact many Bible scholars have written on how the act of sexual union between man and wife actually foreshadows the the union and intimacy that will eventually take place between Christ and His people.

As such we can propound that the sexual union between man and wife is actually, amongst other things, a prophetic act that declares the truth of God’s coming kingdom, because it expresses on earth what God has already decreed in heaven.

It declares the truth of a wonderful alliance to come when God is finally fully united, exposed, and intimate with His bride.

As such I believe that every time a married couple have sex together, amongst other things, it releases truth and faith into the spiritual atmosphere. As such it’s actually a form of spiritual warfare, as the very act of it declares satan to be a liar.

And satan doesn’t like that one bit. He doesn’t like being repeatedly reminded of what God has decreed about the end of days, or what God has ordained about the salvation of believers, and he doesn’t like his lies being blown.

For this reason I believe that the prophetic component of marital sex is one of the major reasons that satan has done his best to corrupt, pervert, and undermine sex as a whole.

Indeed the prophetic element of sex is part of why sex outside of marriage is so utterly destructive, and part of why adultery and fornication grieves God (as well as it being relationally, emotionally, and physically destructive.) Certainly the uncommitted, selfish, and self-seeking nature of such perversion is a mockery of what sex was designed to be: a symbol of commitment, unity, dedication, consecration, and servant-heartedness.

I think that when we start realising just how multi-faceted and powerful sex is we start to realise that its importance goes even beyond matters of human relationship. Sex can literally be a symbol of truth and a prophetic act of spiritual warfare, or it can be a means by which the demonic realm mocks God.

So whether we’re single or married lets make sure that we fully elevate and honour marital sex as the wonderful and prophetic act that it was designed to be.

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